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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Wonderfalls debuted on Fox tonight... last night... ok, Friday night, and I was very impressed. I'll have to see a few more eps before I can really make a judgment, but with Las Vegas falling off slightly as the season's gone on, it's got a good shot at being one of the top two best new dramas this season. If it doesn't drop off I could definitely see it ranking up there with Joan of Arcadia, Las Vegas, I'm With Her, and Arrested Development among my favorite new shows of the season.

I love how the inanimate objects that talk are using Hello My Baby, which was sung by Michigan J. Frog back before The WB when he was just a dead, singing frog in a WB short.

Posted by Rob Bernard on Saturday, March 13, 2004 at 3:33 AM in Media

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