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Thursday, April 29, 2004
Attacking Kerry on substance

Brian Griffin has taken notice of this post in which I relay John Podhoretz's belief that John Kerry is a "terrible, terrible, terrible candidate". Brian is upset that John Kerry isn't being attacked more substantive issues than flip-flops and his voting record.

I wish I could attack him on something more substantial, but there isn't anything substantial about this guy's positions, at least not that he's laid out so far. He can't decide whether the war in Iraq would have happened if he were President. When asked to introduce himself to the country he launches into screeds about President Bush. When asked what he'd do differently in the war in Iraq he lays out the same plan that the President is using; stay in Iraq until the job is done and continue trying to get other countries to help. He canít seem to come up with a more substantial reason to elect him than the fact that heís not President Bush.

The man has not given us anything close to a coherent platform. He is trying to be everything to everyone. You can't attack a candidate like Kerry on the issues because if you wait a day he won't have the same stand on the issues. Those votes that Brian doesn't want attacked are as close to a stand on issues as Kerry comes.

Let John Kerry clearly set out what issues he believes in and I'll attack him on those. Until then he's a black hole of a candidate who's only distinguishing feature seems to be his complete lack of distinguishing features.

As for this:

Now, where are those WMD??? Where was the threat from Iraq (note one that could have hurt someone in Saddam's lifetime)? Where is the Iraq - al Qaeda connection?

Why not ask the 2002 version of John Kerry?

Posted by Rob Bernard on Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 2:47 AM in Politics/Government

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