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Thursday, October 31, 2002
*Insert obligatory Happy Halloween blog here...*

Oh yeah, before it's officially over I suppose I should do the obligatory "Happy Halloween" thing. So... Happy Halloween!

Posted by Rob Bernard at 9:35 PM in Miscellaneous
In the spirit of Evil, I give you Bud Selig

Ok, let me just get my first bit of opinion out of the way...

I live in Cincinnati. I've been a Reds fan forever. As can be expected, I like Pete Rose and think that it's a travesty that he's not in the Hall of Fame. I don't necessarily want him to be able to actually work in baseball or anything, but there's no excuse for the all-time hits leader to not be in the Hall of Fame.

That being said I wouldn't even mind if the powers-that-be would make a decision one way or the other and stick by it, but I'm getting sick and tired of the hypocrisy wafting out of the office of Bud Selig. Ok, you won't let Pete on the field for the last game ever at Cinergy field. I don't like that, in fact I was there standing with 40,000+ people as we chanted "Pete, Pete, Pete", but I could accept it as a part of a principled stand. But then Mastercard drops a bright shiny dime on the floor and the Commissioner's office suddenly has a change of heart and is willing to trot Pete out for the money. What a bleeping load of cr@p! If what Pete did was so bad as to warrant him never setting foot on a Cincinnati field again then the same should be true for the World Series. To deny Cincinnati fans the opportunity to honor Pete and then to pull him out of storage for a sponsor just shows how much more Selig cares for the almighty dollar than the fans of Cincinnati. It's just a travesty.

Posted by Rob Bernard at 3:29 PM in Baseball
OoOoOoOh... Evil...

It's like hamsterdance, but a lot more evil.

Posted by Rob Bernard at 3:09 PM in Miscellaneous
Hello Everybody

Hi, this is my new blog! I guess we'll just have to figure out what I plan to do with it.

Posted by Rob Bernard at 3:03 PM in Miscellaneous


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