Duke Nukem Forever Images

These are some images scanned from the November 1997 edition of PC Gamer. The quality of the images isn't that great, but you get the general idea. The good news is that while these look very good, they were described by 3dRealms as "turds", which can only mean that the real game is much better. I've put comments beneath most of the images.

Picture#1 (Rocket Launcher)

The Rocket Launcher is one of the weapons that is sure to be back.

Picture#2 (Bar)

The girls will be back too.

Picture#3 (Hummer)

There may be interactive vehicles as in Shadow Warrior.

Picture#4 (Slot Machines)

The shotgun is also sure to be back.

Picture#5 (Street)

This picture is particularly impressive in the magazine.

Picture#6 (Enemy)

Our first look at one of the new enemies in Duke Nukem Forever.

Picture#7 (Taunt)

Dr. Proton is back from the original side-scrollers.

Picture#8 (Bridge)

This is another great image.

Picture#9 (Light)