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Well, the full version of Duke has been out for quite a while now and it still kicks butt! It is by far the best of Doom's (or is it Wolfenstein 3d's) offspring, especially Quake! (Who would want a game where the bad guys look like Picasso's latest work?)

Duke's Story

The third chapter in the series, and the first with a 3D perspective (the original Duke Nukem and the sequel, Duke Nukem II, are side scrolling platform games). This game, set sometime in the early 21st century, begins in a ravaged LA, which was overtaken by aliens while you were abducted during Duke Nukem II. Duke, upon returning to Earth, finds himself with another mess to clean up, and another alien race that needs exterminating. Duke is a can-do hero who realizes that sometimes innocent people have to die in order to save Earth, so accuracy of gun fire is not a real concern to him. :) This game has a long list of cool things that haven't been attempted in 3D action games, yet. The weapons, for example, kick-butt: There's a mine that can be placed on any wall and sends out a laser trip beam-- perfect for multiplayer games. There's also a shrinker ray that reduces an opponent to the size of a G.I. Joe, at which point they are foot fodder--watch them splat! As in Shadow Warrior , you can swim under water, and even shoot players who are standing outside the water, or vice versa.

The Parental Lock

As you know, Duke is a pretty violent, bloody, sexual game, leading 3dRealms to include an option to turn off the adult mode, thus eliminating all the blood, gore, and nudity. When the parental lock is first turned on it asks you to enter a password so that you can turn it back on again, thus there is no one password that will turn it back on for everyone. If you forget this password the only way to turn the Parental Lock off is to reinstall the game, so make sure you remember that password! In some versions of Duke sold in Australia you cannot turn turn the Parental Lock off. If you have this version, this patch will upgrade the Australian version to the normal v.1.3d.



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