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Yep, Duke Forever is pretty much the biggest piece of vaporware ever (not) created, but I've still got these pages left over so I figure I'll leave them up as a testament to what it supposedly maybe kinda was. Trust me, way back in 97 some of this looked cool.

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Notes on the sequel of the sequel of the sequel. (Duke Nukem 4)

The next Duke game will be call Duke Nukem Forever. It will be another first-person shooter type game, like Duke Nukem 3d, but it will use the Unreal Tournament engine.(After using the Quake II engine for a good deal of the development, and the just plain Unreal engine for a greater part.) They say that the only bad guys they are keeping from Duke Nukem 3D will be the Pig Cops, though they will be in military uniforms. The team working on Duke Nukem Forever explains that they weren't really happy with the bad guys from Duke 3D, and they feel they can do much better. Duke will have a female companion aptly named Bombshell. Dr. Proton, Duke's nemesis from the classic side-scrolling games, will be back, and word is he has taken over Area 51 and nuked Las Vegas. The only thing the folks at 3dRealms will say as far as a release goes is "when it's done".

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