***Ender's Duke Nukem 3d Shareware For The Mac Page***

Duke Nukem 3d-The Shareware Version For The Mac

From what I hear, the full version should be out for the Mac by now. The Mac version for Duke is equivilant to the Atomic Edition for the Pc. There is a shareware version for both the 68k Mac and the PowerPc Macs. There is also a patch for it, and to even further complicate it MacUser has a special shareware version of it with one more level than the regular version(The link for this version leads to the MacUser page for it since they say that only they can distribute it.).

Regular Version

For The PowerPc(8474 kb)

For The 68k(8441 kb)

I don't even have the full version for the Mac, heck, I don't even have a Mac, so don't even think about asking me for it.