Ender's info on the Atomic Edition & Plutonium Pak

Info on Duke 3d: Atomic Edition & Duke 3d Plutonium Pak

Right off the bat, let me explain the difference between the Atomic Edition and the Plutonium Pak. The Atomic Edition is in essence version 1.4 of Duke Nukem 3d and includes the Plutonium Pak, while the Plutonium Pak is actually a patch that will upgrade Duke v1.3d to v1.4. If you don't have the full version of Duke Nukem 3d you need to get the Atomic Edition, and if you already have the full version you just need the Plutonium Pak.

Ok, now onto bigger and better things. I'm sure that right now you're thinking "Enough suspense, just tell me what the hell's in this new version!" (You should really watch your language.), so I just go ahead and tell you.

The new version (Which is made by the same folks who originally made Duke Nukem 3d, 3d Realms), includes a brand new mission entitled "The Birth", and some of the new features in this mission include:

11 new levels with tons of new artwork witch let you visit places like "Duke Burger", "Area-51" and "Babe World".

A cool new weapon, the Microwave Gun. It makes the bad guys blow up. (Just think of them as a really big bag of microwave popcorn)

There are also 2 new enemies, a Pig Cop Tank and some sort of Alien dude.

A new boss for the fourth level "The Queen".

New multiplayer mode. You can play against up to 7 AI controlled Dukes.

More of those funny Duke-sayings.

2 Windows 95 Duke Nukem themes and the Duke Nukem 3D Screen Saver & Entertainment Pack.

Now for some cool screen shots!

[Plutonium PAK Screen Shot] [Plutonium PAK Screen Shot] [Plutonium PAK Screen Shot] [Plutonium PAK Screen Shot]
[Plutonium PAK Screen Shot] [Plutonium PAK Screen Shot] [Plutonium PAK Screen Shot] [Plutonium PAK Screen Shot]
[Plutonium PAK Screen Shot]

AI Controlled Players

To play against the computer in multiplayer mode(This cannot be used in a serial, modem, or network game, and only works for version 1.4 or 1.5) type in the following in your Duke directory:"duke3d /q2 /m /a /101 /v1". Make sure you type in the spaces between the parameters, and ignore the quotation marks. This will give you one opponent.

Overall, the Plutonium Pak looks very exciting, and I would definately suggest geting it. The Plutonium Pak costs $19.95 plus $5 shipping and handling if you get it straight from 3dRealms, and the Atomic Edition costs $49.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

3d Realms is now shipping direct orders, and I've seen it in the stores for about the same price as from 3dRealms. so for more info visit 3dRealms

They have also released a patch file to upgrade the Plutonium Pak v1.4 to v1.5. You can visit 3dRealms through the above link, or you can get it directly from their ftp site.

This crack will allow you to play without putting the cd in each time.